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12th match Balkh Legends vs Paktia Panthers APL 2018 betting tips

The 12th match of Afghanistan premier league 2018 playing between Balkh Legends vs Panthers at Sharjah cricket association stadium in Sharjah. this match playing at 5:30 (IST) on 13 October 2018. Go down and check 12th match Balkh Legends vs Paktia Panthers APL 2018 betting tips.

Balkh Legends vs Paktia Panthers 12th match of APL 2018


This is 2nd match of both teams in this Afghanistan premier league. 1st match of both teams playing at same ground and Paktia Panthers won that match by 37 runs.

Paktia Panthers made 204-4 runs in 20 overs and Balkh Legends all out at 167 runs only and lost that match. now time to take revenge.

In point table, Both team play 4 matches and won 3 and lost 1. but in point table, Paktia Panthers rank 1 and Balkh Legends Ranked 2.

Match Highlights :

  • This match playing at Sharjah Cricket Association ground
  • 2nd match face each other in this tournament
  • The last match Paktia Panthers made 204 runs

Match odds :

  • Paktia Panthers – 1/1
  • Balkh Legends – 4/5

This match won by Balkh Legends

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