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Punjabi Legends vs Pakhtoons 21st (t10 League) Match betting tips

The 21st match of t10 League 2018 paying between Punjabi Legends vs Pakhtoons on 29 November 2018 at Sharjah Cricket Association stadium. Sharjah. Go down and check Punjabi Legends vs Pakhtoons 21st (t10 League) Match betting tips.

Punjabi Legends vs Pakhtoons 21st (t10 League) Match betting tips

In this t10 league, both teams Pakhtoons and Punjabi Legends meat today first time in t10 league Qualifier matches.

The Pakhtoons team gives good performance in Group matches. Pakhtoons play total 3 matches in Group A and won 2 and Lost 1 matches and hold first posting in Group A point table. Where Punjabi Legends come in group B and he also played 3 matches but he won just 1 match and lost 2 matches and hold the last potion in point table.

If we talk about Qualifier point table. here is also Pakhtoons held the 1st position in point table her pay 2 matches and both matches won. Where Punjabi legend holds 4th position in Qualifier point table. he also pays 2 matches but he lost 1 and won 1 matches.

Match Highlight

  • Match ground – Sharjah cricket association stadium at Sharjah, Afghanistan
  • Match date – 29 November 2018 at 9:30 PM (IST)
  • The second betting team will get extra benefits

Match odds:

  • Pakhtoons – 4/6
  • Punjabi Legends – 6/5

This match won by Pakhtoons

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